Jianghan Petroleum Administration Bureau

Jianghan Petroleum Administration Bureau

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Rig Equipment
BigEasy rigs (BE770 and BE550 are available) are new conceptual AC VFD drilling rigs jointly developed by SJ and LOADMASTER, featuring special module,...
Drill Bits and Cutters
Kingdream follows improvement of drilling technology tightly, and has developed new type of MD high speed motor bit suitable for directional well and ...
SJS Serva Corp has focused on developing products for the oil and gas industry by designing and manufacturing oilfield high pressure triplex and quint...
Compressors, Gas
Sinopec Corporation Jianghan Administration the Third Petroleum Machinery Plant is Leading manufacturer of heavy and middle duty gas compressors for o...
Steel Pipes
Shashi Steel Pipe Works of Jianghan Petroleum Administration Bureau -- SSPW has accumulated to produce more than 1,300,000t steel pipe. In recent yea...

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