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Dry Chemical Powder Fire Fighting Trailers
Fire Fighting Vehicles & trucks

Dry Chemical Powder Fire Fighting Trailers
The dry chemical powder fire fighting trailer is a rapid intervention one-axle trailer designed for effective fire fighting capabilities in high risk areas such as commercial complexes, industrial plants and large establishments.

- Chassis
Manufactured of: Steel channel sections covered by welded checkered plates, Axle : One axle of 1.5 ton capacity, Draw Bar : Provided with eye hook suitable for towing vehicles, Drop-leg : Provided at rear, Down Screw wheel Vertically adjustable with a manual brake, Rear Lights : Equipped, Wring : Provided with cable and plug for connection with the electric system of the towing vehicle, Mudguards and Rear Bumper : Equipped, Speed : Up-to 80 km/h on asphalt roads, Extra Advantage (Lockers ): Equipped with two steel side lockers for stowage of discharge hoses, Option : (Surface Treatment : Galvanized under carriage upon request), ( Braking System : Upon request).
- Powder Unit
Fire classes: ABC , Working temperature range: -20 C to 70 C , Operating head material : Chrome plated brass alloy with over pressure safety valve, Container material : steel, Discharge fitting : 2 x 20 m hose with special powder pistol, Extinguishing agent: MAP-based, Propellant gas : N2, N2 cylinder test pressure: 250 bar, Paint finish : Surface treatment and coating
Container : Approval : TUV approved pressure container, Testing pressure : 35 bar , Bursting pressure : Over 70 bar, Inspection top opening : Equipped, Bottom opening : Equipped for maintenance
Pipes system : Valves : Provided with two ball valves for each hose, one for operation and the other for cleaning and pressure release after operation, Pressure regulating unit : The trailer is equipped with two pressure gauges, one for the pressure cylinder(s), and the other for the powder container.
Option : Leather protective cover from weathering factors upon request at extra cost.

Certified according to Egyptian Standard ES 1871/1990.
TUV approved pressure vessel, Awarded CE Mark
Quality Management System ISO 9001 / ISO 14001 / OHSAS 18001
Laboratory Accredited According to the ISO/IEC 17025/1999
CapacityPress. Cylinder PN
250 kg 1 x 40 l    Qty
350 kg 2 x 40 l    Qty
500 kg 2 x 40 l    Qty
Security and Safety Equipment Fire Fighting Vehicles & trucks
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