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BYX-ZD pipeline automatic sampler
Laboratory, Testing Equipment

BYX-ZD pipeline automatic sampler
BJYXZD anti-explosion pipeline automatic sampler is our second generation patented product of 2008 with the patent number of ZL20030107345.4?200720077283.4.

The sampler adopts the anti-explosion technology of our first generation product: YXZXZD pipeline oil sample automatic collector; and as per the Chinese national standard SY/T5317-2006, advanced technologies are adopted on the basis of first generation product of 2006 and various improvements are performed with regard to the key sampling elements of the sampler. With the technology of isolation, the world wide phenomenon of easy blocking solenoid valve of the sampler during the sampling process is completely eliminated; the product is the most advance pipeline automatic sampler of its type at the moment.

Key principles and advantages:
The sampling method adopted by this product isolates the sampling force and oil sample collected which furnish the sample with a direct channel for the crude oil to flow continuously along the channel. During the crude oil circulation, the driving force of the sampler is used to control the sampling process and thus eliminates the phenomenon of easy blocking solenoid valve for the oil collected during the sampling and features the following advantages:
?good real-time performance; true sample of the oil in the pipeline
?the driving force of the sampler is provided by hydraulic oil which avoid the phenomenon of easy block solenoid valve
?free of the effects of oil quality, working pressure, temperature, and viscosity of the oil in the main pipeline
?cater for various oils automatic sampling, such as all types of crude oil, residual oil, processed oil, and chemical industrial liquid raw materials in the transfer pipeline
?no oil loss in the process of sampling ?easy to install without being affected by the height of the pipeline in general conditions as long as the pipeline is within the 2 meters reach of the sampler

Main technical specifications:
?Power: 380V (3 phases with 1 neutral line), maximum current: 20A
?The power to each instrumental circuit is distributed by anti-explosion board; motor is 380V, 1.5KW/h
?Collector control power and heating: ~220V 50HZ
?Single quantity of sampling: 6ml (may increase or decrease the sampling quantity according to requirement by selecting and equipping sampling quantity control parts)
?Interval time of sampling: 10-999S (adjustable)
?Working ambient temperature of the apparatus: =15? at maximum power: =4000W
?Anti-explosion mark: ExdibmllT4, applicable area: 1 and 2 areas
?Overall dimension: length800width600height1600 (mm)
Variation #1 PN
Laboratory, Testing Equipment Laboratory, Testing Equipment
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