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Cementing - Defoamers
Fluids Drilling, Completion, Workover & Stimulation

We offer defoamers and anti-foams specifically designed to minimize air entrainment and suppress foam in cement slurries. Our products will have little or no effect on compressive strength or thickening time of the cement. Kemira defoamers are formulated to be compatible with most cement additives. We also offer dry defoamers along with our latest technology and patent-pending environmentally friendly products.

We are committed to working with you to find or develop environmentally compatible answers to your most difficult foaming problems, even in the most ecologically sensitive areas in the world. With the increasing importance and complexity of new regulations, we work to stay on top of current and future trends that may impact your oilfield operations.

With manufacturing sites across North America as well as plants in Europe, we are always close to our customers. Kemira’s global defoamer manufacturing plants are highly back-integrated.
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