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Oil Production - Reverse Demulsifiers
Fluids Drilling, Completion, Workover & Stimulation

Kemira offers a broad line of products to treat reverse oil-in water and complex emulsions. We are working continually to develop new value-added technologies and products to meet our customers’ needs.

Water in the emulsified phase typically produced by oil wellheads is separated by the addition of wetting agents and/or demulsifier chemistries. The separated water, however, still contains dispersed solid materials, as well as a fine dispersion of reverse emulsions. This precludes the reuse or safe disposal of the separated water into the environment.

Finding a cost-effective treatment to remove residual oil from the water is a difficult challenge. Thorough laboratory and in-situ testing has led Kemira to recommend successful reverse emulsion chemical treatments to challenging three-phase separation systems.

We can evaluate your processing operation and suggest polymer formulations to solve your production problems, increase yields, cut costs, and increase overall efficiency.
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