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Piston Compressors
Compressors, Gas

Piston Compressors
We have been developing compressors for special gas applications since 1956, and have provided more than 2500 piston compressor packages over the world. They operate in high specification applications such as gas handling for the food industry, and hazardous gas handling for the petrochemical and oil refining sectors.

Our piston compressor design incorporates the following features:
Dry (non lube) compressor technology
API 618, 4th edition compressor design
Pressure vessels in accordance with applicable international codes
Complete "plug and play" packages integrating control systems, gas regulation equipment, and gas treatment equipment
Package design tailored to the process
Specific technical assessment of each application
Easy maintenance mostly handled by the operators themselves
Compressors Compressors, Gas
Variation #1 PN
Gulf Oil and Gas
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