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Helical Gearbox for gate valves and ball valves
Valve Actuators

Helical Gearbox for gate valves and ball valves
Bevel gear box is mainly used as a gate valve and ball valve on the class. You can choose to: Directly through the manual hand wheel, Electric operations (multi-turn electric actuators)

Short-term working system S2-15Min (switch type)
Intermittent working system S4-25% (adjustable type)

Main features:
Gearbox input flange and actuator match
Input shaft clockwise rotation, the output shaft for clockwise rotation
Torque up to 70,000 Nm
Reduction ratio from 1:1.7 to 1:415
Output Type comply with ISO 5210
Used to upgrade or enhance the axle shaft
Closed high standards to protect
High-quality corrosion protection
A wide ambient temperature range
Since at least parts - low maintenance amount
Valves Valve Actuators
Variation #1 PN
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