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BST6080 LVD Explosion-proof Energy-saving Lamp

BST6080 LVD Explosion-proof Energy-saving Lamp
Applicable to lighting in the factory, wharf, stack, the petroleum industry, the petrochemical industry and indoor & outdoor locations.
LVD electromagnetic induction lamp is designed with no electrode and filament. It is maintenance-free and has a service life of 70 times as long as that of the filament lamp and five to six times as long as that of the metal halide lamp.
High-efficient, energy-saving, with an effective luminosity factor of about 139plm/W, the power factor is over 0.90, saving 80% of the energy when compared to the filament lamp. Stable in operation and normal start-up when the voltage fluctuates from 180v to 250v
Environment-friendly, in accordance with EMC inspection standard, without electromagnetic pollution, no stroboflash, no eyestrain when exposed to the lamplight for longer hours
Instant start-up, without any delay for start-up and restarting, lightening instantly. Color rendering of light source is excellent with the color rendering index being at least 80. This type of lamp is designed as the factory lighting equipment with the feature of water proofing, dust proofing and anti-corrosion.
The lamp shell is shaped through die casting, unique and pretty. The lamp surface is coated with polyester, making it highly anti-corrosive.
Prism tempered glass is used to produce lamp cover, making it strong in shock resistance and luminousness.
Explosion-proof level :Exd?BT6 Protection level:IP66 Anti-corrosion level:WF2
Variation #1 PN
Electrical Supplies Lighting
Gulf Oil and Gas
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