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Hydraulic Power Take Offs
Motors & Drives

Hydraulic Power Take Offs
Hydraulic Power Take Offs are available in three different clutched models plus a fourth design without clutch. Within each model there will be many style variations.
Hydraulic PTO Applications & Markets
Applications are similar for hydraulic clutches as they are for the mechanical PTOs. They can be used wherever a disconnect is required between the driven equipment and the prime mover.

Typical applications include:
Centrifugal Pumps
Water Jets
Hydraulic Pumps
Bow Thrusters
Horizontal Grinders
Rock Crushers
Mud Pumps
Piston Pumps
Hammer Mills
Tub Grinders

General Information
All units can be provided with live Pump Pad Drives. Pumps can be driven from either side of the tower. The drive can accept up to 480 HP total or 300 HP on each drive ear. The ears are driven at a 1.0:1.0 ratio from the engine speed. Twin Disc can provide the charge pump for engaging the hydraulic clutch. If the customer wishes he can provide this pump and have it driven either from one of our Pump Tower Drive Ears or from an auxiliary source.

If the Pump Tower is not required, it can be eliminated from the scope of supply. However, the overall package length of the PTO is still the same.

Because this is a highly engineered product, the application review sheet must be completed, reviewed and on file with the Twin Disc application department prior to warranty consideration being given.
Variation #1 PN
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