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Pump Drives

Pump Drives
Twin Disc now offers a new line of pump drives to meet a broad range of hydraulic system set-ups and application needs. These drives are available in a wide variety of gear ratios, including both speed increasing and reducing configurations. The modular design of these pump drives enables you to choose from several input options, including a rubber block drive, or clutch to match your SAE engine flywheel dimensions. Independent mounting is also an option, both direct and with a clutch.

For your pump mounting requirements, Twin Disc offers standard SAE adaptor kits as well as a wide variety of non-SAE adaptations for your special needs.

With models having one, two, three, four or six pump pads, Twin Disc is sure to have a pump drive to complement your hydraulic application. For your convenience, the number of pump pads is indicated by the first numeral after the "AM" designation in the pump drive model numbers. Models AM 232, AM 365, AM 450, and AM 480 also have additional pump pads available on the input side of the pump drives.

Quality Is Standard
Cast iron housings
Case hardened and ground spur gears, except AM 110, AM 220, AM 330, AM 216 and AM 320 where gears are shaved
Ball bearings
Case hardened shafts
Viton seals on input shaft
Output rotation opposite the direction of input rotation
Gear ratios identical on all outputs for each model, except AM 640 which may have different ratios on outputs
Modular design
Variation #1 PN
Motors & Drives Drives
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