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KB8000 Gas Controller
Gas Detection equipment

KB8000 Gas Controller
Gate valves can be interchanged with Cameron FC, FL series gate valves and are fully in accordance with API Spec. 6A. Made from modern materials and manufacturing techniques. They are robust, easy to maintain in the field. Reasonably priced and low cost of spares make them the most cost effective valve on the market.

Reliable hydraulic gate valves comply with API Spec. 6A.
Manufactured and Tested in Accordance with API.6A and supplied with Full Certification
Simple structure and renewable gate and seat assembly
Forged body and bonnet
A True Bi-Directional Valve
Gate to seat, seat to body, bonnet seal and stem backseat are metal to metal sealing
The sealing surface of the gate and seat are hardfaced for wear and corrosion resistance.
Grease fitting in bonnet for easy lubrication
One-piece and double-acting gate with long service life
Both thrust bearings with large load capacity and composite rubber-plastic stem lip packing reduces operating torque
Stem packing replaceable under full line pressure when valve is in closed position Available
Non-rising stem gate valve, rising stem gate valve and hydraulic gate valve.
Medium: oil, gas, slurry and sour gas
Rated Working Pressure: 2,000psi ~ 20,000psi
Bore Size: all popular
Temperature: K ~ U
Material Classes: BB ~ HH
End connections: flange, union
Product Specification Level: PSL1 ~ PSL4
Performance Requirement: PR1, PR2
Variation #1 PN
Security and Safety Equipment Gas Detection equipment
Gulf Oil and Gas
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