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ASME Thermal Expansion Tank
Metal Tanks

ASME Thermal Expansion Tank
Thermal Expansion Tank designed according to ASME CODE Section VIII - Div. 1, UM Stamped for sizes up to 37 gal. and U Stamped for larger sizes, Max working pressure: 150 psi, Max. temperature: 240 F (115 C), Factory precharge pressure: 40 psi for sizes up tp 37 gal. and 55 psi for larger sizes, complete with removable heavy duty blasser suitable for use with potable water and stainless steel water connection, Finish: Automotive gray finish paint, Acceptance volume: 90% of tank capacity "at atmospheric pressure"
Vessels, Tanks Metal Tanks
Capacity PN
0002 gal.    Qty
0005 gal.    Qty
0008 gal.    Qty
0012 gal.    Qty
0021 gal.    Qty
0026 gal.    Qty
0037 gal.    Qty
0044 gal.    Qty
0053 gal.    Qty
0080 gal    Qty
0105 gal.    Qty
0120 gal.    Qty
0132 gal.    Qty
0160 gal.    Qty
0210 gal.    Qty
0265 gal.    Qty
0320 gal.    Qty
0370 gal.    Qty
0420 gal.    Qty
0530 gal.    Qty
0790 gal.    Qty
1060 gal.    Qty
1320 gal.    Qty
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