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Wellhead Control Panel
Christmas Tree/Wellhead Valves

Wellhead Control Panel
Wellhead Safety Valve Control System (wellhead control panel) Standard: API 14A, API 16A, API 14D, API RP500, API14B and API RP55

Application: Designed as control system for wellhead safety valves, and safety operation for unmanned oil and gas fields, Also suitable for scientific research and inspection equipment, Control Objects: SSV (surface safety valve), SCSSV (surface-controlled subsurface safety valve) and wing valve, etc.

Technical Data:
- Output pressure: 35Mpa, 70Mpa, 105Mp
- Ambient temp: -40 ~120
- Fusible plug melting tem130
- Oil tank volume: As per the quantity of controlled safety valves.
- Accumulator volume: As per the quantity of controlled safety valves
- Working Pressure: 35/70/105.
- Actuator Type: Hydraulic pressure.

- Key components such as BWB automatic/manual relay valve and high/low pilots strictly abide by USA oil and gas industry standard, All high pressure tubing, fittings made in USA, Totally closed structure and stainless steel cabinet, suitable for long-term working in harsh environment, In accordance with the actual situation, sequence control on MV, WV and SCSSV is applicable, Both manual control and remote control for emergency shut down and auto stop against fire, overload and pressure drop.
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Control MethodPressure Source PN
ESD/plug/high-low pilot Air-operated pump    Qty
ESD/plug/high-low pilot Manual+ Air-operated pump    Qty
ESD/plug/high-low pilot Manual+ Motor pump    Qty
ESD/plug/high-low pilot Motor pump    Qty
plug/high-low pilot Manual pump    Qty
Valves Christmas Tree/Wellhead Valves
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