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Wellhead Devices Leakage Test System
Christmas Tree/Wellhead Valves

Wellhead Devices Leakage Test System
Standard: API 16, SY/5127, API 16A, SY/T5053.1 and API 16C, SY/T5323-92.
Application: Leak test and functional test for blowout preventer, christmas tree, choke & kill manifold. Widely used as inspection equipment to manufacturers of well control equipments as well as institutes, R&D department.

Technical Data:
- Test pressure:0 ~ 2 Mpa
- Constant pressure ran: 5% ~100%FS
- Test medium: Air or N2
- Pressure precision: 0.5%FS
- Pressure control precision: 1%FS
- Timing ra: 0 ~ 999h
- Driven air:- p -1.0 Mpa
- Power supply: 380V AC, 50Hz

- Wide range of testing pressure includes 35Mpa, 140Mpa, 150Mpa, 210Mpa, etc., Testing process fully controlled by PC, supports real time display of P-T curves. all settings and operations could be executed on the control panel. Meanwhile, the remote control allows operator to manually control all the valves without field operation.
- All-round monitoring of test process, video archive is available.
- Dual pressure releasi devices--PC auto pressure release & manual pressure release.
- High pressure pumps, valves, and tubing made in USA guarantee high test precision and stability.
- Sophisticated industrial control computer and PCI ensure reliable performance and precise data.
- 3 options available: Industrial nitrogen cylinders, nitrogen generator+booster, and high pressure air compressor.
Pressure (Mpa)Air supply PN
105 Air compressor    Qty
105 Air compressor    Qty
105 Nitrogen generator + compressor    Qty
105 Nitrogen generator+ compressor    Qty
105 Normal nitrogen cylinder unit    Qty
140 Air compressor    Qty
140 Nitrogen generator + compressor    Qty
140 Normal nitrogen cylinder unit    Qty
70 Air compressor    Qty
70 Nitrogen generator+ compressor    Qty
Valves Christmas Tree/Wellhead Valves
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