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Water Rescue Stretcher Bed
Security and Safety Equipment

Water Rescue Stretcher Bed
The Water Rescue Stretcher Bed is a rescuing device embedded with a power system. Users can launch the Stretcher Bed onto the water from the shore or vessel and control it to reach and rescue the drowning person quickly and safely by using the remote controller. The Stretcher Bed can be widely applied to emergency response for offshore platforms, resorts, luxury hotels, beaches, reservoirs, lake parks, river parks, recreational boats, urban waterways, and sport event venues.

The Stretcher Bed can be put into the water by manual throwing or automatic launching. The operator remotely controls the Stretcher Bed to reach the drowning person, and the rescued person can grip the handles or buckle up the rescue belt to get rid of risks by lying on the Stretcher Bed. For those with poor self-rescue ability, the Stretcher Bed can move backward to scoop up the drowning person and bring them back to shore.

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Link: https://www.oceanalpha.com/product-item/stretcher/
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