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Solenoid valves
TORK Zero Pressure Pilot Operated Solenoid Valve, T-GZ Series Connection: 3/8".......1", Application: Air, water, gas, oil…, Seal: NBR, on request EPD...
Pulse Valves
TORK Dust Collector Valves, T-P Series Connection: 3/4"........3", Application: Dust Bag Filter, Bunkers, Cement Factories, Electrostatic Painting Cab...
Gasoline Pump Two-Stage Solenoid Valves
TORK Gasoline Pump Two-Stage Solenoid Valve, T-GBZ Series, Connection: 3/4"........1", Application: Gasoline Stations Filling Pumps etc. Coil Voltage:...
Irrigation Solenoid Valves
TORK Irrigation Solenoid Valves, T-IR Series Connection: 3/4"........2", Application: Farms, grounds, parks, green house, football ground, gridron etc...
High Flow Valve for Control of Pneumatic Actuators
High Flow Valve for Control of Pneumatic Actuators with NAMUR Valves G1/4" & G1/2", Piped Valves G1/4" & G1/2" and Banjo Valves G1/8" & G1/4".
Explosion Proof Solenoid Valve
Explosion Proof Solenoid Valve is with light and compact design and with Corrosion resistance: all metallic parts made of stainless steel, rest of the...
316L Stainless Steel Solenoid Valve
The new 316L Stainless Steel Solenoid Valve with explosion Proof Flameproof "d" Coil Ref. 497105 is valid for Zone 1/21.

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