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DREHMO Explosion-proof electric actuator
Explosive gases may be present in the plant area; the use of electric actuator must comply with a type test and have an explosion-proof certification....
Turbine gearbox MSG series for valves
MSG series of turbine gearbox is mainly used as the ball valve, butterfly valve, throttle Conformal remote control operation of the valve stroke. St...
Helical Gearbox for gate valves and ball valves
Bevel gear box is mainly used as a gate valve and ball valve on the class. You can choose to: Directly through the manual hand wheel, Electric opera...
I-matic electric actuator with integrated control
I-matic electric actuator for advanced applications. The actuator can be controlled via the LC Display and the manipulation of the buttons available ...
Three phase current electro-hydraulic actuator
Type DEHAZ, Max.torque:30000Nm required power:0.15-1.85 KW, power supply:380/440V AC,50/60 Hz; limitswitch:potantialfree,EEx d IIC
Gas over oil actuator
type:GHAZ, Max.turque:300000Nm material stainless steel 1.4571 limit switches EEx d; limit switch housing EEx e
Direct current electro-hydraulic actuator
Direct current electro-hydraulic actuator, type:GEHAZ, Max.turque: 20000Nm, Material stainless steel 1.4571; limit switches Eexd
Safety electro-hydraulic actuator
Safety electro-hydraulic actuator, Type:SEHAZ, Max.turque:300000Nm actuator housing material GGG 40 endstop materialstainless steel 1.4571 limit swit...
Subsea Actuators
Subsea valve control, torque output:10-330000Nm, hydraulique power units power storage accumulators for fall-safe valve operation
Rack and Pinion Type  Rotary Pneumatic Actuators
TORK Double-Single Acting Pneumatic Actuators, Air Supply: 2,5..8 bar(recomended 6 bar), Torque Output(6bar) = 11Nm...2900Nm, Connections: Namur Stan...
Valve Actuators
Motorised Valve, ON-OFF Valves (Pneumatic & Hydraulic operated.

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