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Trace Analytical gas chromatographs
Gas chromatographs for the analysis of H2, CO, CO2, and hydrocarbons in ultra-high purity gases, ambient air, industrial gases, and some liquids. Appl...
Combustion NOx Reduction / Efficiency Analyzers
Thermox Flue gas oxygen, combustibles, methane analyzers for gas/oil/coal & biofuels - fired boilers and plant process heaters for NOx efficiency, saf...
Portable Combustion Efficiency & Compliance
Thermox Portable, suitcase-style flue gas monitoring systems. These systems are ideal for spot monitoring, troubleshooting, duct traverse sampling, an...
Gas Chromatographs for Natural Gas
Gas Chromatographs analyzers are used for the determination of individual component percentages in natural gas. Heating value(BTU), relative density, ...

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