Downhole Drilling Tools (12)

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Drilling Tools
Reamco Incorporated provides many types of Drilling Tools like:
• Welded Blade Stabilizers.
• Integral Blade Stabilizers.
• Fullpac St...
Integral Blade Stabilizer
Standard: API Spec 7
Specification OD: 3-1/2", 4-1/2", 5”, 5-1/2"
Connection:NC38, NC46, NC50, 5 1/2 FH
Material: AISI 4145H Alloy Ste...
Drill pipes
Standard: API Spec 7 and API 5D
OD: 2-3/8”-6-5/8”
Steel Grade: E75, X95, G105, S135
Internal Coating: TK34, TC2000, TC3000
Drill collar
Drill collars:
Standard: API Spec7
Material: AISI 4145H Alloy Steel or Non-magnetic material
Specification: OD: 3-1/8”-11
The stabilizers have three types according to their body/ mandrel: Integral stabilizer; Integral mandrel sleeve stabilizers; Two piece mandrel sleeve ...
Drilling Jars
Drilling Jar Type BZ is full mechanical type drilling jar and releasing stuck tool. The Drilling Jar integrates the upward jarring with the downward j...
Fishing Head
Various types of fishing tools, such as wash pipe, releasing spears, safety joint etc.Wash pipe is a specialized tools to wash over the stuck drilling...
Down-hole Motors
Our company can produce several kinds of down-hole motors: LZ73, LZ89, LZ95, LZ102, LZ120, LZ165, LZ172, LZ197, LZ203, LZ216, LZ244, for the range of ...
Non-Mag Products
Non-Mag Products: Non-mag Stabilizer Forging, Non-Mag Drill Collar, Non-Mag Solid & Hollow Bars.
Tensile s...
Fishing Tools
Juck subs, reverse circulation junk baskets, releasing spears, releasing and circulating overshots, etc.
Handling Tools
Elevator, slip, safty clamp, manual tong, sucker rod hook, etc.
Fishing Tools
Fishing Tools: Junk Basket, Fishing Magnet, Safety Joint, Over shot, Spear, Taper Tap, Die collar

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