Blowout Preventers Ram, Rotary, Spherical & Annular (11)

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Repaired BOP
Cameron & Hydril BOP repaired with API standard. Size:

Cameron 13-5/8” 10000 Psi Single & Double Ram BOP;
Cameron 11” & 7-1/16” 10...
U blowout preventer (BOP) Hydraulic Control System
The U blowout preventer is designed so that hydraulic pressure opens and closes the rams and provides themeans for quick ram change-out.
Ram clos...
Spherical Blowout Preventers
SANYI Spherical blowout preventers are compact, annular type BOPS which seal reliably on almost any shape or size – kellys, drill pipe, tool joints, d...
IBOP for Top Drive
IBOP for Top Drive used for top drive. It includes Upper IBOP for Top Drive and Lower IBOP for Top Drive. They are used for top drive drilling system ...
Annular BOP
JES Ram Bop is an integral part of well control equipment, featuring flexible closings and openings, easy operation, safe service and simple maintenan...
Hydraulic BOP
hydraulic BOP,Type 2fz35-70, nominal Diameter:350mm Working pressure : 70-105MPa Type of construction:double ram
Triple hydraulic cable BOP
Triple hydraulic cable BOP, Tpye 3fz76-70,nominal Diameter: 76mm working pressure: 70-105MPa ,triple ram
Grease injection hydraulic system  
Grease injection hydraulic system , Type FP76-70, nominal Diameter:76mm ,working pressure:70-105MPa, size of sealed cable:12.5mm, 7.9mm, 5.56mm.
Ram Type BOPs
Xinde Ram type BOP is simple and compact and is suited for land and platform applications. The ram in the BOP is pressure energized. The well press...
Double Ram BOP
Driving mode:Manual & hydraul
End connection :Flanged and bolted
Working pressure:2000~10000PSI
Nominal bore:90mm, 120mm, 179.4mm, 2...
Blowout Preventers (BOP)
Standard: API 16A Type: Annular BOP, Ram BOP (casting and forging), Diverters, Rotary BOP, Coiled tubing BOP. Size: 2 9/16”- 30”. Working pressure:...

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