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Corrosion Inhibiting (4)

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Atometal ceramic heavy-duty anticorrosion coating
An Te Ai Tu (Beijing)International Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise in research and development, production, marketing, construction and...
AM-C-O Atometal® Ceramic Coatings
Atometal® Ceramic Coatings are Best Choice for Corrosion Control, Repairing and Strengthening ? It is a multi-component composed of ceramic and metall...
AM-C-T Ceramic metallic coating material
AM-C-T is an inorganic ceramic metallic coating materials that have a high chemical, shock and salt damage resistance as well as flexibility and adhes...
AM-A repairing materials for piping systems
AM-A product is composed of a high-pure ceramic, a high-intensity metal powder and polymer, which reacts chemically and possess very hard metal-like p...

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