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This self-contained, computerized diagnostics system examines control valve performance in order to improve productivity and product quality in proces...
CR:306 Sound Level Meter
The CR:306 Sound Level Meter is designed for simple noise measurements such as construction sites and other locations where a basic noise meter is req...
Capacitive sensors
Position sensor for detecting conductive and non-conductive materials. For High temperature sensors, they usually consist of two parts: a high temper...
Distance sensor FHDK 07
The compact laser distance sensors FHDK 07 provide a precise output signal which is proportional to the measured distance. The optical principle is ba...
Positioning drive MSIA
When the need is to regulate, control and monitor rotary or linear moving processes – to establish angle positions, turning direction and number of re...
Hawke-HTS is the manufacturing supplier of the world renowned Hawke Transit System. Used throughout the Oil and Petrochemical Industry in Marine & Civ...
Precision test probes and terminal blocks
PTR, a Phoenix Mecano company, manufactures precision test probes and terminal blocks for printed circuit boards. Innovation and quality assurance hav...
ABB Bailey
DCS Infi 90/ Net 90.
ABB Products
PLC,HMI,IGBT, Positioner,Transmitter,AC and DC drive.
Yamatake Products
Pressure Transmitters, Manifold Valves, Flowmeters, Level transmitters, Sensors, Limit switch, Temperature Transmitters.
Bruel & Kjaer Vibro
Condition Monitoring, Remote Monitoring, Safety monitors, Sensors.
CEC Products
Vibration Sensors and Conditon Monitoring Equipment.
Siemens Products
Process Instrument and Analytics, Level Measurent,Pressure Measurement, Temperature Measurement, Flow measurement,Positioners.
Gas Analyzers, Gas Flow Measuring Devices, Liquid Analyzers, Tummel Sensors.
Fireye Products
Flame Safeguards Control, Integrated Flame Detection, Single Burner Control.
FCI Products
Flow Switches, Level Switches, Mass Flow Meter, Flow Conditioners, Temperature.
YOKOGAWA  Products
Field Instruments Analytical, Instruments Industrial, Automation & Control System.
Ultimate & Fundamental, Safety & Fall Protection Equipments.
AMETEK Products
Annuciator Alarm Systems.
Honeywell Products
Burner & Boiler Parts, Flame Amplifier, Modules Motor, Process Controler, Temperature Transmitter, Pressure Transmitter, Gas Detector, Sensor, Limit S...

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