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R.O.V. Inspections
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Coastal Consulting & Exploration performs different types of instrumental and visual inspections using R.O.V. (Remotely Operated Vehicle). R.O.V. Inspection is an ideal survey in order to:
- define the horizontal & vertical pipelinesí position and the pipe-bottom configuration
- check the burial status of the pipelines (soil cover thickness) & identify possible unburied pipe sections (if any)
- check (in the exposed section) external condition of pipes, anodes and define height, length and position of free span (if any)
- identify any relevant dangerous objects, debris, obstacle near pipelines
- check the cathodes protection (CP) system
- characterize the morphology of the areas crossed by the pipelines for the identification of potential erosion phenomena and measure the coastline position

Usually R.O.V. Inspections use in the following fields: Engineering & Building of marine infrastructures, Maintenance & Inspection of submarine infrastructures, Environmental Studies, Scientific & Archaeological Researches.
The positioning of the R.O.V. is obtained using a USBL (Ultra Short Base Line) underwater positioning system produced by Sonardyne.
The USBL system involves measuring the range and bearing from the vessel based transceiver to the transponder installed on board the underwater vehicle. Subsequently the navigation software translates the relative positions of the underwater vehicle in geographical coordinates.

Very often R.O.V. Inspections are used with other methodologies.
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