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Morphologic Survey
Geophysical Contractors

Morphologic survey (with side scan sonar) helps to define the morphology of the seafloor, to study the nature & distribution of the sediments of the seafloor, of the rocky outcrops and/or sea grass prairies, debris & other underwater objects. During the execution of each navigation line it is possible to investigate a corridor from 50 to 1000 m wide, depending from the resolution requested & the water depth of the work area. Usually the seafloor is investigated completely.

CCE provides wide range of HIGH RESOLUTION Geological & Geophysical surveys:
Bathymetrics, Morphologicals, Stratigraphics, Magnetometrics, Inspections R.O.V., Currentmetric.

Different kind of data are processed using some of the best software packages available on the market.
The final data are integrated using advanced GIS systems, producing high quality results and convenient reports. Any extra data might be also added into report.
Geological and Geophysical Geophysical Contractors
Gulf Oil and Gas
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