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Bobbi Petroleum Tools is a producer of drill collar, spiral drill collar,non-magnetic drill collars, kells,integral heavy wall drill pipe,tool joints, drill stem subs… etc. for oil drilling.
BOP ,Control system for surface mounted BOP stacks ,Wellhead cable BOP, Kill and choke manifold , Drillstem test tool, Fracturing manifold , Drilling and production fitting .
We are one of the China's most reliable, very economical, fastest growing companies with excellent customer service provider to Oil Field and Petroleum Industry all over the world, our main products a...
Well head tools, Hole opening tools, Inside blowout control tools, Stabilizers, Roller reamer, Drill-stem subs and short joints, Jars, Drilling tools for top drive, Directional tools, Cementing tools ...
Hilong Group of Companies -- United Arab Emirates
Manucature of drilling pipes, heavy weight drilling pipes, drilling collars, internal coating, coating material, welding wire, oil pipe, anti-corrosion oil pipe...... etc. Hilong Oil Services & Engine...
For drilling pipe, we can supply from API 5D 2-3/8” OD to 6-5/8” OD, steel type: E, X, G, S. with tool joints by MTI friction welding; for drilling collar, the size ranges from API 7, 2-7/8” OD to 9”.
We are a leading Chinese Oilfield equipment sourcing company, specializing in drilling rig package, well service rigs, drilling equipment.
Reamco Inc. -- United States
Downhole tools for all your Bottom Hole Assembly requirements: Drill Collars (Slick & Spiral), Stabilizers (Welded, Integral, Sleeve Type) Rotary subs (Bit subs, crossover subs, lift subs, saver subs,...
Producing drill pipe, drill collar, non-magnetic drill collar, spiral drill collar, heavy weight drill pipe, kelly, tool joint, casing, tubing and so on.
High and medium pressure valves, from PN2.5-105MPa nominal pressure and DN3-500mm nominal size, used in oil fields as wellhead and X'mas tree assembly, casing head, choke and kill manifold, mud manifo...
Cameron International -- United States
Deep Casing Tools -- United Kingdom
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