Petrochemicals in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Aramco -- Saudi Arabia
Saudi Aramco is a fully integrated petroleum company with operations in exploration, production, refining, petrochemicals marketing and international shipping. Saudi Aramco owns and operates an extens...
Alujain Corporation -- Saudi Arabia
Nama Chemicals -- Saudi Arabia
Osos Petrochemicals -- Saudi Arabia
The objectives of the Company are: to produce, process, manufacture and market all kinds of fertilizers for the local and international market. Production and manufacturing of Ammonia, Urea, Melamine ...
Yansab is manufacturing a number of petrochemical products including: Ethylene, Propylene, Mono Ethylene Glycol, Di Ethylene Glycol, Tri Ethylene Glycol, Polypropylene, Low Linear Density Polyethylene...
AES Arabia Ltd. -- Saudi Arabia
Al Kayan Petrochemical company is engaged mainly in establishing, managing, and operating an industrial complex in Jubail Industrial City to produce: Ethylene, Propylene, Polypropylene, Polyethylene,...
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