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CCE provides wide range of high resolution Geophysical surveys using the most advanced equipment as well as innovative solutions & high quality reports. Coastal Consulting & Exploration is a company with exceptional ability to provide services in coastal and shallow water areas.
The data acquired in any kind of survey (such as Bathymetrics, Morphologicals, Stratigraphics, Magnetometrics, R.O.V. Inspections, Currentmetric), are processed using some of the best software packages available on the market. The final data are integrated using advanced GIS systems, producing high quality results and convenient reports.
The Company, through its dynamic structure, highly skilled specialists and technicians, aims to satisfy the requirements of its Clients by providing a continually improving, efficient, high quality and safe service.
Coastal Consulting & Exploration company started to operate in 2001 having knowledge and experience due to many years working in the field of off-shore surveys.
Projects cover the following territories: the whole Italy and all surrounding Mediterranian area (Libya, Tunisia, Spain, France, Albania, Malta), Africa (Sudan), Gulf countries (Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Qatar).
The company is mainly involved in projects for oil&gas companies, submarine systems and infrastructures (powerlinks, telecommunication, harbours, etc.), Government Authorities.
Main office is located in Italy (Bari). Since 2006 company started to work permanently in the Gulf area. At the moment the company is represented in Qatar, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia.

 Products/Services overview

Wide range of high resolution Geological & Geophysical surveys such as:
Bathymetric Survey with HR multibeam or single beam echo sounders.
Morphological survey with Side Scan Sonar.
Stratigraphic survey with Sub Bottom Profiler and/or SparkerMagnetometric survey.
Underwater video and instrumental inspections with R.O.V. (Remote Operated Vehicle).
Seabed sampling with grab and/or a light gravity corer

Moreover the Company provides additional/complementary services using external powers:
Topographic survey with Laser Scan (static and dinamic), Robotic.
Total Station and RTK GPS Systems.
Diving Survey.
Seabed sampling with Vibro Core.


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Bathymetric Survey
Morphologic Survey
R.O.V. Inspections
Stratigraphic survey
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