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Baumer is a leading international manufacturer, in the design and production of precision sensing solutions. The expertise spans a wide range of industries with a focus on sensors for factory and process automation, vision products and solutions, motion control and gluing systems.

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Sensor Solutions (Photoelectric sensors, Inductive sensors, Capacitive sensors, Ultrasonic sensors, Force, strain and pressure sensors, Magnetic sensors, Precision limit switches My-Com). Motion Control (Encoder / Motion Control, Actuator and positioning drives); Process Instrumentation (Pressure sensors, Temperature sensors, Level sensors, Instruments for process analysis); Systems (Cold glue application guns, Cold glue delivery units, Hot-melt melters, Hot-melt application guns, Glue pattern controllers, Quality assurance sensors and Quality assurance systems.


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Capacitive sensors
Distance sensor FHDK 07
Positioning drive MSIA
Temperature Measurement System
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Gulf Oil and Gas
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