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DREHMO (Rui) is the German EMG Group, a wholly owned subsidiary, based in central Germany Wendeng (Wenden). DREHMO was founded in 1946. It is the oldest in Germany and Europe, the professional manufacturer of electric actuator. In the liquid, gas or powder medium flow pipe, you need different types of valves to cut off the flow of media or control. EMG-DREHMO (Rui) electric actuator on a global scale for several decades has remote diagnostics, control valves (whether cut-off valves, gate valves, plug valves, ball valve, butterfly valve or damper) and successful experience. In the past few decades, EMG-DREHMO (Rui) electric actuator used successfully on different areas, including electricity, water, sewage treatment plants, petrochemical industry, metallurgy, paper making, shipbuilding, food, municipal, and nuclear power.

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Actuator: Standard Actuators, Matic C Actuators, i-matic Actuators, EX-proof Actuators, Compact Actuators and Heavy series. Gearbox: Worm gears and Bevel gears.


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DREHMO Explosion-proof electric actuator
Helical Gearbox for gate valves and ball valves
I-matic electric actuator with integrated control
Turbine gearbox MSG series for valves
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Gulf Oil and Gas
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