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Shanghai Globe Petro-equipment Co. Ltd. is a fast growing oil equipment hi-tech company specializing in oil expandable-tubular material and tools, such as Solid Expandable-tubular (SET), Expandable Slotted Sand Screen tubular (ESS), Expandable Tubular Hanger(ETH), Expandable Support Net(ESN), Shape Memory Materials, ceramics materials and ancillary devices designed for drilling, production and remedial operations. We also undertake R&D projects and provide engineering solutions to oilfield. We own numerous patents and awards with dozens of the successful applications.

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Globe innovate expandable-tubular materials, expand Tools, go into well technology, related products, such as SET, ESS, ETH, ESN used in the making up the well, the side drilling, the deepening well completion, suspension. Our unique technologies: Intelligent swing expands cone, reliable suspension, high-temperature high-pressure seal and connections, ensure successful construction stability. Our expandable-tubular technology is mature, and our product quality is very consistent with proven examples in hundreds of wells.



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Expandable Casing makeup operation
Expandable Connector for Branch wells
Expandable Hangers
Expandable Sand Screens
Expandale Aid Net
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