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"Zibo Huachuang Fine Ceramics Co. Ltd, as the new and hi-tech ceramic manufacturer with excellent abilities of technology research, manufacture and distribution, is located in Zibo National New and High-tech Industrial Development Zone in Shandong Province. In 2002, the ceramic plunger including ceramic cylinder for oil pump was listed in the 863 High Technology Research and Development Plan which is with the strongest support from the central government in the new ceramic material field in the National 10th Five-year Plan; in 2003, the toughening ceramic products were listed in the “863” High Technology Research and Development Plan. From then on, Zibo Huachuang had been the unique manufacturer in China ceramic industry, which took simultaneously two projects of the “863” High Technology Research and Development Plan. Structural ceramic products had been listed in the “Two-high and One-excellent” Project in 2002; toughening ceramic liner for mud pump (3000 pieces/year) Project had been listed in the National Touch Plan in 2005. Most of structure ceramic products from Zibo Huachuang have occupied domestic leading level; some ones have occupied international leading level. Especially for ceramic liner and plunger, they have been used widely in many domestic oil fields and exported to international market, such as North American market, Middle East market. Being a high-tech manufacturer in Shandong Province, and the leading manufacturer of the national new material production base, Zibo Huachuang will provide products with the better performance, the reliable quality, and the excellent after-sale service to customers all over the world. To explore new technology, to support your business in coming future. "

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Major products are: Ceramic Liner mud pump spare part, Ceramic Plunger oil pump spare part, Ceramic Abrasive, Ceramic Sleeve, Ceramic Sealing Ring, Ceramic Kitchen Knife, and Ceramic Backing Bricks for grinding machine and swirler etc. Structural ceramic products are with excellent performances, such as wearing-resistance, erosion-resistance, high-temperature-resistance, high-strength, high-hardness in the working conditions in which metal and polymer ones can not do. With functions of the most advanced manufacturing equipment in ceramic field all over the world, structural ceramic products of Zibo Huachuang, such as ceramic liner for mud pump, ceramic plunger"


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Alumina ceramic parts
Zirconia ceramic grinding ball
Zirconia ceramic knife
Zirconia ceramic liner for mud pumps
Zirconia ceramic pistons
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