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For-energy is a fast growing Third party inspection (TPI) company, specializing in inspection work of OCTG, Line pipe, drill pipe, stainless steel pipe, sucker rod, valves, petroleum equipment, etc.

For-energy inspection Service covers major production facilities in China such as TPCO, Baosteel, Wuxi Seamless, Dalipal, Chengdu mill(CSST), Hengyang mill, Baotou mill and etc. So we have the ability to provide a one-stop quality assurance service from mill audit down to loading service on port.

For-energy has the most powerful team constituted by China's top-grade experts in the fields like OCTG, NDT, petroleum equipment. Local engineers and management team plus international group management support ensures that our service is not only efficient but also economic to meet international standards and a high level of clients' satisfaction.

For-energy strives to bring outstanding values to the clients. We undertake to provide the clients with the most professional service, the shortest feedback time, the most effective technical support, and the most accurate and earliest inspection report at each service link
1. We offer advice to people who are fresh in oil pipe line but want to do oil pipe business.
2. We offer advice to people who are seeking suitable manufacturers in China, because we are working at many Chinese mills and very familiar with their products and production capability.
3. We offer advice to people who have technical problems.

What consultation could we supply to you?
Equipment quality inspection and delivery expediting
- Technical and standard consulting services
- Complete Procurement services
- Project Supporting and Personnel Secondment services

Supplier Sourcing
Source suppliers and manufacturers to clients' specifications and requirements.
Supplier Survey & Qualification
Bidding review and Evaluation

With our well-established Expediting Assignment Control Procedure and experience with the local manufacturers in various sectors of industry, our expediters have been successful in Expediting/Production Status survey assignments since 1993.

Production expediting includes production progress checks, cause of delay investigation, corrective action request and suggestion, detailed schedule reports, etc

 Products/Services overview

We provide Inspection and Consultation Services. For-energy is able to inspect full range of OCTG (casing and tubing) and accessories. We provide a wide range of appropriate inspection inventory at any time and any mill in China as per client requirements.
We provide professional service for line pipe to API 5L specifications, drill pipe, sucker rod, valves and other Oil facilities.
We specialize in the following items: OCTG; Line pipe; Drill pipe, sucker rod, Fittings, Pipe Coatings; Structural steel, Jackets, Platforms; Petroleum Equipment; Pressure Vessels, Boilers; Pumps, Compressors; Motors, Switch-gear, Transformers; Wind generator; Valves, Milling tools, Mooring Chain


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