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T.D. Williamson, Inc. (TDW) was founded in Tulsa, Oklahoma, in 1920. Today, as the leading piping maintenance company, TDW designs and manufactures engineered systems for monitoring, pigging, tapping, plugging, joining, and inspecting essential piping systems, and also provides these services, whatever the needs are:
Hot Tapping and Plugging of Under-Pressure Piping Systems
Pigging Products
Pipeline Cleaning Services
KALIPER Geometry Inspection
MFL In-Line Inspection (MAGPIE)
Gas Leak Detection Products(GAZOMAT)
Leak Repair Clamps and Composite Repair Wrap
Remote controlled offshore pipeline pressure isolation service

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T.D.Williamson, Inc. delivers safe integrity solutions for onshore and offshore applications. TDW's experts provide hot tapping & plugging, pipeline cleaning, geometry & MFL inspection, pigging and non-tethered plugging pig technology services for any pressurized pipeline system, anywhere in the world.


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Pipeline Drilling machines
Pipeline Pigs
Pipeline Pigs
SmartPlug™ System
TDW leak repair clamp
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Gulf Oil and Gas
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