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Henan Hanwei Electronics Co.,Ltd is a leading domestic gas safety detecting, alarm control, system monitoring products provider, is committed to provide customers with products that meet their needs, services and solutions that create long-term value of customers. Hanwei is the only Chinese company who owns the (core technology )of sensing and detecting for many kinds of gases, which covers semiconductor, catalytic, electrochemical, infrared and thermal conductor technology. Further more, these technologies, with dozens of patents owned. The future, Hanwei will be "the leading domestic, international gas sensor to detect well-known equipment manufacturers" for the enterprise vision, in pursuit of "safety, environmental protection, health" for the enterprise mission, and actively meet the challenges and efforts to create value for customers and success.

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Products are widely used in industrial fields like petroleum, chemical industry, metallurgy, pharmacy, painting house and civil or commercial places such as gas station, supermarket and residents. Providing a suitable, high-quality, cost-effective products and services for industry customers HSE management system, at the same time the field of gas safety programs to create leading-edge products.


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BS03 Explosion-proof gas Transmitter
BX170 Portable Single-Gas Detector
BX616: Portable Multi-Gas Detector
KB8000 Gas Controller
TC100N Gas Detector
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