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B&B Korea Inc has been putting all the efforts to only one goal, which is preventing corrosion for the past 27years. B&B Korea field of industries include: Newly Establishing Bridges, Repairing Bridges, Railroad Bridges, Applicable for purification plants, sewage diposal plants, distribution reservoirs, filter beds and all other concrete structures. Coating for the vessels, repairing vessels.

Interior and exterior coating for new pipelines, Interior repair, reinforcement and corrosion protection for Superannuated pipelines, Seal, waterproof, and corrosion protection for valves, gas pipes, all kinds of oil pipes, water pipelines. Oil storage tanks, Grain storage tanks. Applicable for Drilling Ships, Ocean cranes, Lighthouses and all other marine structures. Sluice gates, floodgates, and dams.

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Bridges, Concrete Structure, Vessels, Steel Pipeline Piles, Oil Tanks, Marine Structure and Sluice Gates.


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AM-A repairing materials for piping systems
AM-C-O Atometal® Ceramic Coatings
AM-C-T Ceramic metallic coating material
Atometal ceramic heavy-duty anticorrosion coating
Ceracot adhesive agent
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Gulf Oil and Gas
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