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Cantol—from USA, is the first supplier in China of water based and solvent-free green environmentally friendly coatings. With their complete environmentally friendly property, high performance, extreme features and practical values, the products developed by Cantol are high reputed in USA, can provide the solution for the customers in special conditions, we have many professional experience in the petroleum and petrochemical industry.

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Water based and solvent-free green environmentally friendly coatings


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Pluralko PK-100 Quick Cure Time 100% Solids
Pluralkote PK -100M Corrosion Protection of Marine
Pluralkote PK- 105 Mid-Range Cure Time 100% Solid
Pluralkote PK-120 for Any Structure to Be Buried
Pluralkote Pk-400-Quick-Cure,Single Coat,UV Portec
Pluralkote PK-500 High Performance Ployurethane
Stop Rust-Water-Based Rust
Three-Sixteen-Siliconized Stainless Steel Coating
Top Gun-High Chemical Resistance and Superior
Ultra-Liner-Multi-Component and d High-intensity
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Gulf Oil and Gas
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