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Quantec Geoscience is one of the largest ground-based, non-seismic geophysical service providers specializing in data acquisition, interpretation and survey execution. With more than 25 years of experience and over 5000 projects completed, Quantec is an established leader in deep earth imaging and advanced exploration technologies. We provide resource imaging, mapping and targeting solutions for the geothermal, mining and oil & gas industries. Quantec helps oil and gas companies increase exploration success no matter what challenges lie in your geological landscape. Lightweight and robust, Quantec’s technologies prioritise safety and are functional in all climates, across any terrain. Acquisition and inversion techniques, such as magnetotellurics (MT), enable oil and gas clients to create cost-effective drill programs based on precise drill targeting. World-experienced Quantec geophysicists use sensitive 3D DCIP & MT (magnetotelluric) acquisition methods to gather more data (omni-directional) than any other geophysical service provider.

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Orion 3D is an electrically based DCIP & MT (magnetotelluric) system enabling oil and gas companies to: Penetrate permafrost and volcanic cover; Identify variance between resources when seismic's density-difference images cannot; Discriminate between bitumen and water to maximise heavy oil recovery and reduce steam requirements and Pinpoint the hydrocarbon-bearing shale layer for drilling based on detailed resistivity measurements of shale formations.


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