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Guizhou Viton is a main supplier of downhole equipment for oil and gas,water well drilling, located in the base of petroleum machinery in western China. Products have been exported to Middle East, Southeast Asia, Central Asia, South America, Africa, Russia and other countries and regions. As well as the company is a leading manufacturer and investment variety of non-ferrous metal materials, ore trading and mining investment as Barite etc.

 Products/Services overview

Guizhou Viton dedicated to produce and supply quality downhole tools with competitive prices to the customers all over the world. The main products are as follows: Drill Bits, Pipes, Collars, jars, fishing tools, cutting and milling tools, workover tools, Stabilizer and PAM for oil production.


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Casing and Tubing
Drill Bits
Drill Collar
Drill Pipes (Tubes/Rods)
Drilling Jar
Fishing Tools
Milled Tooth Bits
PDC Drill Bits
Polyacrylamide (PAM)
Rock Roller Bits
Shock Absorber (Sub)
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