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Lurgi constituted as a German stock corporation in 1990. Its operating limited liability companies - Chemie, Metallurgie und Industriebau; Energie- und Umwelttechnik; Gas- und Mineral?ltechnik each had their own engineering and commercial staff. The operating business units Lurgi Oel Gas Chemie GmbH and Lurgi Life Science GmbH, Frankfurt are merged to Lurgi AG. Lurgi AG no longer takes the function of a holding but is active on the market as an operating company. Lurgi GmbH has been part of Air Liquide S. A. since 2007.

 Products/Services overview

Lurgi focuses on proprietary technologies and exclusively licensed technologies in the product areas gas-to-petrochemical products via synthesis gas or methanol and synthetic fuels, gas generation and treatment, petrochemical intermediates and end products, biofuels as well as food and oleochemicals. In the process, Lurgi abandons those activities where it holds a niche position. This relates to the business areas chemicals (in particular fine chemicals and chlorine) and pharmaceuticals.


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