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The Company is active worldwide with two geographical business areas of operations. The first area has its head office in Italy and includes Europe, Middle East, Africa (excluding West Africa) and Asia Pacific countries. The Asia Pacific operations are followed by our Beijing office including also the Infrastructure Division while the pipe coating activities are followed by the Kuala Lumpur office of our sister Company PPSCIH. The second area has its head office in Argentina and includes Americas and West Africa. While the Buenos Aires offices is following all the pipe coating services in Argentina, Venezuela, Mexico, United States and Canada, the Rio Office is more focused in the Deep Water Industry of Brazil and West Africa. The Italian head quarter covers the Pipe Coating and Insulation Division with the District Heating Subdivision; the Engineering and Project Division with the Pipe Rehabilitation Subdivision and the Infrastructure Division, which owns patented technology and special equipment for the asphalt road hot in situ rehabilitation, with the Noise Reducing Barriers Subdivision.

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Socotherm Group is one of the largest global supplier of Pipe Coating and Insulation Services in the five Continents and is the largest supplier of Pipe Insulation Services for the Deep Water Industry with the most advanced technology.


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