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Innovative Engineering Products & Services

2G Products covers the demand for engineering products through procurement, installation and servicing of high quality customer- adapted products and solutions.

For more than half a century 2G Products is serving the market providing one source of quality products. 2G Products is committed to continue providing leading solutions for its customers by introducing State-of-the-Art technologies.

 Products/Services overview

2G Products specializes in the distribution of leading international brands of Engineering and technological products into a wide range of industries.

2G Products offer to the market the most comprehensive program of fluid handling equipment and systems, in addition to a wide range of engineering products.


Chemicals Intermediates and Ingredients: Water Treating 
Chlorination, Ozone: Chlorination system 
Chlorination, Ozone: Chlorine Drums 
Chlorination, Ozone 
Chlorination, Ozone: Neutralization System 
Compressors: Compressors, Gas 
Engines & Gen Sets: Diesel Engine 
Fittings: Plastic Fittings  (71)Fittings: Plastic Fittings
Flowmeters: Magnetic Flowmeter  (4)Flowmeters: Magnetic Flowmeter
Flowmeters: Turbine Flowmeter  (13)Flowmeters: Turbine Flowmeter

Products Preview
3-Way Globe Control Valve
5-section Search Mirror
Angle Valve
Back Pressure Relief Valve
Ball Valve PVC, Threaded
Batch Controller
Booster Surge Vessel - Bladder Type 40 m3
Butterfly Valve
Butterfly Valve
Butterfly Valve
Butterfly valve
Butterfly Valve
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Gulf Oil and Gas
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