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Cirrus Research plc is a UK based manufacturer of instrumentation for the measurement of noise levels. Founded in 1970, Cirrus Research has always specialized in the development and production of noise measurement instrumentation.The company provides a range of comprehensive solutions for monitoring, measuring and analyzing both occupational and environmental noise.The products have been designed to help in identifying problem areas and controlling noise levels within those areas, as well as assisting in compliance with noise regulations and measurement guidelines. Cirrus is an award winning pioneer for acoustic technology, setting.

The standard which others have followed. The key product areas covered by Cirrus Research plc are:Sound Level Meters, Personal Noise Dosemeters, Environmental Noise Monitors, Permanent Noise Monitoring Terminals, Microphone Capsules & Preamplifiers, Acoustic CalibratorsAll of the design, manufacture, calibration and servicing of products is carried out in the UK Head Office along with the Marketing and Sales for the company.

Cirrus Research plc products are distributed worldwide and the company is represented in over 30 countries by authorised distributors as well as Cirrus Research offices in the USA and Germany.

Cirrus Research plc is dedicated to providing innovative products and services that allows our customers to meet their noise measurement needs and to assist in compliance with regulations and guidelines for noise measurement.Cirrus Research plc aims to design and manufacture products that are easy for the customer to operate and use, yet provide all of the functions demanded of modern instrumentation. It is the aim of Cirrus Research plc to continually improve the service we deliver to our customers and distributors, and to ensure that the company maintains its reputation for innovative products that meet out customers needs.

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Cirrus Research plc provides a range of Noise Measurement Instruments including Personal Noise Dosimeters, Sound Level Meters, Environmental Noise Monitors and Noise Monitoring Systems.


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CR:110AIS doseBadge Safe Personal Noise Dosemeter
CR:306 Sound Level Meter
CR:800B Sound Level Meter
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