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RGR Technologies (Pty) Ltd. strives to provide a world class service to our customers. This is achieved by supplying high quality products at competitive prices. Through our network of well trained agents, a prompt and personal back up service is provided. Contact with our customers provides feedback to continually improve our products and provide input to our development and design program.

The current production is averaging 20 to 30 valves per month. The balance of the machining capacity is used on general engineering work, which can be switched to valve production as required. Valve production capacity, based on actual machining hours, can be increased to 100 valves per month with our existing staff working on a single shift. This would be based on our present valve size mix where 70% of the valves produced are in the range of 50mm to 200mm nominal bore sizes. Production capacity can be doubled by introducing a second shift. RGR Technologies (Pty) Ltd. has built up a good relationship with reputable subcontractors and suppliers who can supply services which include pattern making, casting, founding, heat treatment, machining, grinding, plating, specialised welding, non-destructive testing and the supply of special steels, PTFE products, bushes, o-rings, nuts and bolts.

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Design, develop and manufacture of trunnion mounted metal and soft seated ball valves. The Company can do the following repair services:- Machining, grinding and lapping facilities, Hydraulic and pneumatic testing, Valves repaired to manufacturers specifications, Modification and retrofitting of Valves for improved performance

The Fitting and assembly shop consists of:
Assembly tables, Pressure test bay, Spray painting booth, Required hand tools

Both the machine shop and the assembly bays are services by 10 ton overhead cranes as well as a number of smaller auxiliary cranes and hoists.


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