MOPCO - Ammonia & Urea Fertilizer Plant

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Mubarak corrupted regime played and important role in planting MOPCO project in the middle of a densely populated area. Since 2005, Damietta People struggled to get their life back and the Egyptian government was reluctant to take any measures to realize the environmental justice.

MOPCO - Ammonia & Urea Fertilizer Plant

Location Damietta, some 200 kilometres east of Alexandria - EG
Investment 392,000,000 USD
Announced 9/6/2005
Completion 10/15/2008
Scope The Urea/Ammonia Fertilizers Project aims to produce Ammonia and Urea fertilizer with a capacity of 1,200 t/day of Anhydrous Ammonia and 1,925 t/day of Granular Urea. A gas feedstock agreement for the project was concluded with Egyptian Natural Gas Holding Company (EGAS). The ammonia plant was to be based on Uhde’s proprietary ammonia process while the urea plant uses Netherlands-based Stamicarbon’s synthesis technology.

MOPCO wanted to use the urea fertilizer produced to serve both the domestic and export markets. The combined entity intends to construct two additional urea trains on the MOPCO site. Agrium had a small (26 percent) equity position in the facility.

Development Milestones

4/24/2008 EAgrium responded to the Egyptian Government's request to suspend the EAgrium-Damietta Ammonia Urea Plant in response to the public consensus from Damietta citizens about the possible environmental impact of the project on the community.
10/15/2008 The project was completed
11/8/2008 Agrium entered into an agreement with MISR Oil Processing Company, S.A.E. (MOPCO) whereby MOPCO acquired the EAgrium project, and EAgrium shareholders obtained an equity interest in the combined entity.
12/16/2009 Agrium Inc secured local financing of $1.05-billion allow ENPC to proceed with the next steps of the construction of the second and third production trains at the existing MOPCO nitrogen facility in Damietta.
8/22/2016 The Egyptian Natural Gas Holding Co (EGAS) resumed pumping 45mcf/d gas to Misr Fertilizers Production Company’s (MOPCO) factory after regular maintenance work was completed. The pumping of 45mcfd of gas to MOPCO’s second line stopped in order for the company to carry out regular maintenance for the equipment.
3/26/2018 A new project for the marine berth for the export of urea and ammonia liquid fertilizer project, which belongs to Misr Fertilizers Production Company (MOPCO), will be constructed. The offshore export berth will cost $180m and will allow for the easy export of urea and ammonia liquid through a specialized berth that alleviates the burden on Damietta port.

MOPCO Suspends Operations at Nitrogen Facility

Agrium confirmed that MOPCO management has suspended operations at the MOPCO nitrogen facility in Damietta, Egypt, due to local demonstrations. MOPCO is majority owned by the Egyptian government. Agri...

Misr Fertilizer Production Company (MOPCO)
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Misr Fertilizer Production Company (MOPCO) 100 %

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Petrojet   Products catalog
Petrojet is undertaking the Civil, Deep Foundation, Steel Structures and Mechanical works for the Urea/Ammonia Fertilizers Project.
Stamicarbon B.V.   Products catalog
In 2006, the Urea plant uses Netherlands-based Stamicarbon’s synthesis CO2 Stripping technology.
ThyssenKrupp Uhde   Products catalog
The Suez-based Egyptian company Misr Oil Processing Company (MOPCO) awarded Uhde Dortmund the engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) contract to construct a turnkey fertilizer complex and includes all utilities and offsites. Uhde’s scope of supplies will include the entire engineering (basic and detail), supply of the equipment, construction and commissioning.
Uhde Inventa-Fischer   Products catalog
The ammonia plant was to be based on Uhde’s proprietary ammonia process.

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