Arish-Ashkelon Pipeline

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The Arish–Ashkelon pipeline is a 100 kilometres submarine gas pipeline connecting the Arab Gas Pipeline with Israel. Although it is not officially a part of the Arab Gas Pipeline project, it branches off from the same pipeline in Egypt. In 2010, the pipeline is supplying approximately half of the natural gas consumed in Israel, with the other half being supplied from domestic resources.

El-Arish - Ashkelon Pipeline

Location El-Arish to Ashkelon - EG
Investment 300,000,000 USD
Announced 6/15/2005
Completion 2/25/2008
Scope The Arish Ashkelon pipeline or EMG Pipeline is a 100 kilometers (62 mile) submarine gas pipeline connecting the Arab Gas Pipeline with Israel to transport approximately 7.0 BCM per annum of Egyptian natural gas to Israel.

EMG was established in Egypt in 2000 the share holders are:
- Egyptian Natural Gas Holding 10%.
- EMI EGI LP 12%.
- Israel Infrastructure Fund (IIF) 4.4%.
- Ampal-American Israel Corporation 12.5%.
- Merhav 8.1%.
- Mediterranean Gas Pipeline 28%.
- PTT 25%.

Development Milestones

6/30/2005 Egyptian Petroleums Minister Sameh Fahmy and Israeli Infrastructure Minister Binyamin Ben Eliezer signed a memorandum of understanding for Egypt to supply Israel with gas.

Egypt is to deliver 1,700 million cubic metres a year of gas through a maritime pipeline from El-Arish to Ashkalon in southern Israel.
12/22/2006 Israel's Dorad Energy signed a supply agreement with the local/Israeli East Mediterranean Gas (EMG) for 1,000 million cubic meters a year (cm/y) of gas, worth at least $1,500 million.
11/29/2007 Thailand's state-owned oil and gas company, PTT, signed a deal to take a 25% stake in the local/Israeli East Mediterranean Gas (EMG) for $487m.
2/25/2008 The commissioning of the pipeline began.
11/18/2008 The Egyptian court ordered the government to suspend gas exports to Israel, although it is not clear whether the ruling will be heeded.

Judges ruled in favor of Ibrahim Yousri, a lawyer who said that Egypt was losing $9m for each day that Cairo upholds the fixed-price agreement with Tel Aviv.
7/5/2010 Egyptian police increased security on the pipeline after threats of sabotage were received from Bedouins in the Sinai Peninsula.
2/4/2011 A massive explosion occurred in a gas metering station in the correspondin pipeline which tarnsmits Egyptian natural gas to Jordan, which caused the cut off of supplying gas to Israel for maintenance.
2/27/2011 GASCO informed EMG that repair works on pipeline system are continuing; testing of the system is to start on Monday March 2nd, 2011; and the target date for commercial gas delivery is no later than Friday, March 4th, 2011.
3/14/2011 A leak was discovered when the gas pressure exceeded 60 bars, and GASCO field team is currently working to repair the leak in its system. Consequently, commercial gas supply to Israel awaits completion of repair.
6/4/2011 Saboteurs blew up the pipeline carrying gas from Egypt to Israel and Jordan, forcing a shutdown in the gas-flow.
6/7/2011 Testing and commissioning procedures necessary for the resumption of the commercial gas supply to EMG, and subsequently to EMG's Israeli customers started.
6/11/2011 Pipeline supplying gas to Israel and Jordan was expected to be fully repaired by the end of this week.
6/12/2011 An explosion rocked the Egyptian gas pipeline distribution station in northern Sinai occurred east of the town of Al-Arish. This is the fourth time El-Arish - Ashkelon Pipeline faces explosion.
7/30/2011 The pipeline was attacked for the fifth time but it has failed.
9/27/2011 The pipeline was attacked for the sixth time by three gunmen in a van.
10/23/2011 Egyptian natural gas pumping has resumed after the successful testing and commissioning procedures that started on October 21, 2011.
11/10/2011 Two Blasts attacked the Egyptian gas pipeline, first blast occurred 40 kilometres west of the town of al-Arish, while a second unexplained explosion took place near a pumping station in the same sector. It is the seventh time the pipeline to be attacked.
11/26/2011 The pipeline was attacked for the eighth time by several masked saboteurs.
11/28/2011 The gas pipeline was attacked for the 9th time.
12/18/2011 The gas pipeline was attacked for the 10th time.
2/5/2012 The gas pipeline was attacked for the 12th time.
2/28/2012 Gas supplies to Israel was resumed after last explosion on 5th February.
3/5/2012 The gas pipeline was exposed to an alleged terror attack for the 13th time.
4/9/2012 The pipeline carrying gas to Israel and Jordan has explosed for the 14th time.
4/22/2012 Egyptian energy companies have cancelled a deal to supply Israel with natural gas.
5/14/2012 Egypt will resume exporting natural gas to Jordan after a months-long hiatus caused by bombing attacks on the northern Sinai pipeline
6/5/2016 Egypt will pay Israeli a $865 million over 14 months in compensation for non-supply of gas to Israel via the al-Arish-Ashkelon pipeline since February 2011; if deal is signed, it will open doors to the implementation of a number of other Egyptian-Israeli deals.
7/20/2018 Delek Drilling & Noble Energy are planning to purchase a 37% share of East Mediterranean Gas Co. (EMG), which owns gas pipeline between Al Arish in Egypt and Ashkelon in Israel. If the plan to acquire a controlling interest in EMG does not take shape, Delek and Noble could opt to deliver gas to Dolphinus through the Arab Gas Pipeline (AGP), which used to send gas to Jordan.

Israel-Egypt Gas Pipeline Deal Seen Imminent

A deal that would transfer control of a natural gas pipeline between Israel and Egypt is expected to be closed in the next few days, the companies said.

Texas-based Noble Energy, Israel’...

East Mediterranean Gas Company (EMG)
Partners and shareholders
Share Profile News
Ampal American Israel Corp. 12.5 %
Egyptian Natural Gas Holding Co. (EGAS) 10 %
Israel Infrastructure Fund (IIF) 4.4 %
Merhav Group 8.1 %
PTT Exploration and Production Public Company Limited 25 %

Suppliers, Contractors & Service providers
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Allseas Group S.A.   Products catalog
Allseas Group was awarded contract for landfall construction, pipelay, midline tie-in, trenching, and backfilling. The Pipe Water depth is max. 177 m (581 ft). The project specials: · pipeline routing from Egypt to Israel along the Gaza strip coast line · landfall construction (2) · installation midline tie-in · EPIC job
East Mediterranean Gas Company (EMG)   Products catalog
East Mediterranean Gas Company (EMG) is an owner and operator of the Arish–Ashkelon pipeline.

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