Tenders for Transformers

Tenders and Leads Archive
Repair & Associated Services for Transformers for DCA
Lineup Protections of Electrical Heat Transformers Trac A & B at Refinery, Mesaieed
Pre-qualification of CP Transformer Rectifier
Supply of 1600 KVA Transformers
Provision of CPF Transformer, Circuit-breaker & Testing Equipment
Supply of Power Transformers
Upgrade/Replacement of Transformer Monitoring System
Five (05) Years LTPA for Supply of Transformers
Sale & Removal of AC Units, IT items Current Trasnformers
Replacement of Transformer TBD-006 & TBD-007 LV Bus Ducts in NGSL Mesaieed
Supply of Transformers
Supply of Transformers
Supply of Distribution Transformers
Supply of Transformer Oils
Step down Transformers 250KVA
Complete VSD Skid with Step up and step down Transformers
Replacement of 10.5kv BBC Substations S/S 50/10, 60/10 and S/S 3.3kv Old Heater
Complete VSD Skid with Step up and step down Transformers
Sale & Removal of Large Transformers with Copper Winding (4 NOS)
Complete Testing and Commissioning
Supplying Devices and Equipment for Maintenance of Transformers and Motors
Electrical Transformers
Transformer Oil Regeneration Services in South and East Kuwait Areas
Purchase Transformers/Motors and Accessories for BUT and DGS
1250 KVA Transformer
Supply, Installation, Testing and Commissioning of 02 NGR for 1250 KVA 11/3.3 KV Transformers
Complete Servicing Transformer
33KV and 11KV High Voltage Overhead Electrical Lines
Supply of Transformer Oil
Provision of Materials for OGM-RTU
Shifting of VFD Transformers
Procurement of Transformer Oil
ARC for Transformer
Sale & Removal of VSDS Transformers
Supply of 200KVA & 800 KVA Distribution Transformers
Provision of Transformer
Replace Transformers for CPs and Oil Wells
Supply of Ignition Transformer & Electrode
General Servece Electrical Plant Transformers
Sale & Removal of Rotor Assy., Pump Motor, Transformer
Transformer Dissovled Gas Analysis 9 Nos
MV Switchgear 3.3 KV / Power Transformer 3.3 K / 0.4 Kv 500 KVA / LV MCC 400V
Supply of Transformer 20/1A class 3
Contract for Transformer Oil Sample Collection, Analysis and other Tests
Supply, Installation & Commissioning of Cathodic Protection System Transformer
Transformer Oil Filtration Services
Sampling Test for all Transformer in OGC
Sale & Removal of Instrumentation Materials
Provide Services for Foundations of Electric Poles & Stay Wire of 200 KVA Transformer
Supply of Transformer Oil
Provision of Logistics Service for Transformer
Supply of Grease Transformer
Transformer Oil Testing
Purchase Transformers for DGS, MUSHARAH Station & ESP Wells
Sale & Removal of Transformers, Diesel Generators
Provision of Spare parts for OGM and CPF Transformers
Provision of Transformer Spare Parts
Supply of Power Transformers
Insulating Oil for Transformer & Switchgear
Purchase of Transformer Oil Filtration Unit, Screw Pumps & Diaphragm Pumps for CPF2
Supply of Transformers
Providing Maintenance Services for Electrical Ancillaries/Appliances
Hiring Services Repairing of Distribution Transformer
Supply of NGR for Transformer
Supply and Erection on Site
Supply of Hermetically Transformer
Sale & Removal of Butane Tank Power Transformer
Supplying of Transformer
Supply of Power Transformers
Supply of Power Transformers
Design and Supply of Power Transformers
Supply of Transformer
Supply of Three Phase Transformers
Call-Off Services-Testing Transformer Oil, Sf6 Gas
Cathodic Protection Transformer Rectifiers
Supply of Spare Parts for Transformer
Installation Works for Electrical Switch Boards
Misc. Electrical Spares for G.E Equipment
Supply Power Transformers
Electrical Plant Spare
Supply of Power Transformers
Spare Parts for Switchgear & Transformer
Construction of 11kV E Substation
Spare Parts for Power Transformer
Transformer Oil Cleaning System
Supply of Power Transformer
Power Transformer for Camp Sub-Station
ESP Power Transformers
Supply of ZIG ZAG Transformer
Gulf Oil and Gas
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