Tenders for Oil Field Services

Tenders and Leads Archive
Provision of Conductor Driving and Slot Recovery Equipment and Services for Offshore Operations
Providing Service
Sales & Removal of Kitchenware Items
Supply of Medical Supplies 3 Years
LTPA for the Supply of Pyramid Oilfield Screens
Supply Of Casing Centralizer Equipment & Accessories On Long Term Agreement Basis.
Post Weld Heat Treatment on Call Off Basis for Facility Various Locations
Supply & Installation of Curtains & Accessories
Supplying 200 m3 Quartz Sand
Agreement for Supply of Electric Cooker and Refrigerators
Prequalification of ISO 13501 or API RP 13C Compliant Pyramid Oil field Screens
Supply and Installation of Office Carpet and Associated Services
Provision of Warehouse Rental Services
Hiring of Services for Identification of Gas Oozing in x Gas Condensate Field
Supplying General Tools and Consumables Materials
Mine and UXO Clearance
Hiring of Services for Execution of Ata-2021 Jobs at UCH-II
Hiring of Services for ISO CertificationS
Announcement Service for the Projects Tendering of Ahdeb Oilfield
Flooring and Tiling of Main Office Block
NGP Operation Service
Local Catering Service
Sand Removing
Provision of Specialized Technical and Support Services
Provision of Specialized and Support Services
Provision for Mitigation of Soil Erosion
Provision of Operation Service of WPS Facilities
Approval of Amended Explosive License of Lalpir Depot
Services Required for Approval of Amended Explosive License
Procurement of Denim Shirts for Engineers
Purchase of Tools for Phase 3 Production Facilities and Power Plant
Provision of Operation Service for Main Production Facilities
Sale & Removal of Various Crockery, Cutlery, Kitchen Utensils Equipment
Disposal of Oily Sludge and Unidentified Waste
BUT Operation Supervisor Service
Provision of MPN Fishing Tools and Services
Provision of Slickline Services
Pocket Oil Guide
Supply of Services (Inventory Preservation)
Provision of Flow Back Operation and Related Services
Provision of Photography & Filming Services
Procurement of OIL DIARY
Provide Catering and Cleaning Service
Collection & Dispatch of Materials
Information Management Project
Services for Site Soil
Installation of Aluminium Composite Materials
Providing Pipelines, Tubing and Casing
Upgrading of an Existing Road
Providing of Fiber Management System Services
Supply & Installation of Furniture at Contractors New ACCO
Provision of Early Hook-up Works
Paving of Distillate Area
Completion of Paving of Distillate Area
Supplying of Car Parking Shade
Services to Support the Logistical Facilities
Hiring of Gas Compression Services
Providing Dewatering Services
Safety Sign Boards
Provision of Helicopter Landing Officer Service
Design of Viscoelastic Surfactant
Providing of Medical Evacuation Services
Installation & Damaged Duct Concrete Repair
Provision of Duty Free Zone & Storing Services
Scaffolding Services on a Call-Off Basis
Sale of Various Scrap
Development of Operating Manuals
PSA Oil Fields Development Review
Supply of Field Inspectors
Aluminum Windows, Doors for Company Housing
Construction of Road Divider
Design & Construction of Melamine Material
Technical Assistance
EPIC for Integrated Oily System
Technical Manpower Services for Offshore
Supply and Erection of Triple Razor Wire
Provision of Manpower Supply Services
Disposal of Scrap
Water System for Gas Cracker Unit
International Bid Round
Construction Works
Provision of Crane& Rigging
Upgrading of HP EVA 4400 Storage
Oily Sludge Treatment
Sand Control and Associated Services
Provision of Burner Boom Services
Water Injection Facilities in North Kuwait
Tracer Injection in Water Injection Wells
Supply of Materials for Agu Main Field Development
Special Core Analysis (SCAL) Services
Fire Fighting Foam Network Study for Replacement
Development of Halfaya Oil Field
ESP Design, Selection & Supply for Upper Shale Member
Charter of a Wireline Support Vessel
Gulf Oil and Gas
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