Tenders for Labor Services

Provision of skilled multidiscipline manpower services
Dead Line: 7/22/2024 >>  Qatar
Ref: GT23109300, Announcement Date: 6/24/2024
Tenders and Leads Archive
Provision of Labor Service for FMD for 5 Years
Provision of Teaching Assistants to Dukhan English School
Subscription Services to E-Library Quality and Technical Standards and Publications
Agreement for Supply of Manpower for Procurement Department
Provision of Technical Support Services on Call off Basis at Various Locations
Provision of Machining Services
PM Chemical Speciation Study in MIC and Dukhan
Installation of New Deep Well Anodes for ICCP System, Refinery
Provision of PPE for Al Waha Employee
Provide Watchman Service for FSF in Ahdeb Oilfield for 2Y
Supply & Install of Smoking Shelters in RLIC, MIC & DCA
Catering & Life Support Manpower Services for Base Camp
Provision of Manpower for Warehouse Operations
Provision of Project Management System Competency Framework (Four Years Term)
Provision of Services for Production Measurement
Provision of General Human Resource Service
Provision of Mobile & Voice Service
Provision of Storekeeper Specialist Services (Three Years Term)
Integrated Offshore Field Services
Provision of Handymen Services to Procurement Department
Provision of Equipment and Personnel
Providing Service Units (Skilled- Unskilled Labour/Workers /Manpower)
Provision of Multiport Flow Selector Technical Support Service
Provision of Manpower Support Services
Scaffolding Services for Offshore Locations
BUT Labor Service
Provision of Commercial Security Personnel at Facilities in Doha
Provision of Expeditors, Storekeepers and Materials Delivery Support Services
Provision of Operation Service for Production Facilities in CPF (GPS Excluded)
Provision of Operation Service of GPS System
Technical Personnel Service
Provision of Personnel for the Procurement Department
Provision of Asbestos Surveyors and Asbestos Removal Analyst Supervisors for 5Y
Provision of Local Recruitment Service
Hiring of Services for Execution of Ata-2020 Jobs
Providing Workers
Manpower Support Services for 2020 & 2021 Turnarounds
Provision of Handyman Services
Provision of Rover Operators on Call-Off Basis
Provision of Specialized and Support Services
Provision of Personnel for Commercial Support Group
Halul Based Fabrication Crew
Laying of Welded Flow Lines of Various Sizes for Transportation of Gas
Provision of Supervisors, Office Waiters and Commissary Services
Provision of Labor Service
Hiring of Services of Competent Person
BUT Labor Service
Post Weld Heat Treatment(Pwht) Services
Provision of Technical Support Services
Provision of Waiters, Janitors & Pest Control Services
Manpower Services
Provision of Providing Local Labors
Machining, Balancing and Metal Spraying Services
Provision of Handymen Services
Call-Off Contract for Scaffolding Services
Maintenance of Landscaped Areas and Provision of Manpower Services
Hiring Services for Drafting Hazardeous Area
Headhunting Service
Provision of Specialized Technical Competency Development
Survey-Integrity Assessment and Rectification of CP Systems
Provision of Halfaya TPM Optimization, Deployment and Support Services
Provision of Service Personnel with Associated Accessories
BUT Labour Service
Handy Man Services
NGL Extraction for Fresh/Experienced Operation Personnel
PP/HDPE & LLDPE for Fresh/Experienced Operation and Lab Team Personnel
Fresh/Experienced Operation and Lab Team Personnel
Provision of Various Labourers
Manpower Administrative Services
Review HR Policy and Adding New Clause
Manpower Supply for Warehouse Operations
Provision of Human Resources and Accounting Services
Spading Despading & Rigging Services at Offshore Locations
Provision of Manpower Support for Oil Spill Response Services
Provision of Lab Technicians
Providing Waste Management Services
Supply of Chain Community Services
Hire of Heavy Equipment & Labor
Charter of Flotel Services
Provision of Multi Discipline Manpower Services
Supply of Mechanical Consumables Materials
Providing Temporary Pandal
Modernization/Up-gradation of Kitchen & Toilet
Modernization/ Upgradation of Kitchen & Toilet
Bids for Office Equipments & Accessories
Providing In-clinic Services
Carrying out Comprehensive Pest Control & Fogging Services
Furniture Repair and Maintenance Services
Repairing of Steel & Wooden Furniture
Procurement of Caretaking Service
Installation of Led Wall and Plasma TV
Hiring of Services for Management of GAIL Guest House
AMC for Horticulture Maintenance Works
Providing Experiential Leadership Development Workshops
Provision of Refractory Services
Hiring of Commercial Office-Space
Providing PVC Vinyl Flooring
Procurement of Oil Wall Calender
Supply, Implement & M&S Services
Provision of Personnel for Fire & Rescue Services
Services of Two Unskilled Unlisted WCL
Provision of Coffee Machine Services
Lease of a Fully Serviced Warehouse Space
Providing Medical Insurance
Procurement of Warehouse Equipment
Supply of Elevator
Provision of Crane Operators
Provision of English Language Instructors
Manpower for Oil Spill Response Services
Provision of Manpower for Oil Spill Response Services
Provision of Permanent Pressure & Temperature Downhole Gauges
Supply & Installation of Kitchen & Laundry Equipment
Processing/Treating of Oily Sludges at QP Refinery
Provision of Personnel for Commercial Support Group
Regeneration of Spent Catalysts
Construction of Staff Quarters
Construction of Staff Quarters
Renovation of Conference Room
Supplying of Bolt Torquing/Tensioning Services
Sale & Removal of Storage Cupboard & Kitchen Equipment
Providing of Non-Regular Staffing
Provision of Non Regular Staff
EPIC for Fire & Gas PCRs in Buildings
Waste Handling & Waste Facility Management
Provision of Manpower Support Services
Kitchen Modification & Masjed Extension
Providing of Accommodation Units & Relevant Facilities
Supply of Movable Houses for Oil Fields
Provision for Finance Professional Services
Construction of Office Building & Training Classroom
Manpower Support Services for Gas Operations
Provision of Labour Materials & Services
Human Resources Development
Telecoms Manpower Service
Supply of Helpers on Long Term Hire Basis
Supply of Riggers, Heavy Duty Truck Driver
Supply of Manpower, Coating and Wrapping Materials
Manpower Requirements Study Phase II
Supply of Material Handling Operators
Manpower and Equipment for Landscape Services
Manpower Support Services
Provision of Actuarial Services
Competency Development for Job Task Standard
Supply of Technical Manpower
Technical Manpower Services
Halul Based Fabrication Crew
Supply of Technical Manpower
Provision of Marine Technical Staff for KOC Marine Operations
Gulf Oil and Gas
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