Tenders for Skilled Labors

Tenders and Leads Archive
Provision of medical practitioner manpower
Supply of Engineers, Geoscientists and Safety Officers
Provision of Manpower & Recruitment Services for IDD EL Shargi, Dukhan & Refining
Providing Technical Assistance Personnel
Provision of Laboratory Technicians in Various Dukhan Field on Call off Basis
Provision of Material Engineers for Supply chain Operations
Specialist Manpower Support Services at Various Locations
Supply of Engineering Manpower
Provision of Surface Technical Service
Provision of Lab Technicians at Various Locations
Provision of Miscellaneous Mechanical Works
Collection & Disposal of Refuse
Providing Technical Manpower Services
Annual Contract for Chief Medical Advisor and Medical Center Services
Provision of Scholarships Administration Services
Provision of Occupational Medical Practitioner Services
Provision of Skilled Manpower Resources
5Y Purchase Agreement for Mechanical Technicians
Provision of Technical Support Services for Aura Heat Medium Heaters & its Auxiliaries
Provision of Refractory Supervisory - 5Y Purchase Agreement
Provision of Maintenance Support Services
Development and Digitization Services for Corporate Business Improvement (Three Year Term)
Provision of Heat Treatment Services for 5 Years
Providing IT Consumable Purchasing Plan
Providing Highly Skilled Service Assistance for Projects-EIP
Hiring of Mixed Crew O & M Services
Provision of Mechanical Technicians for Maintenance Department
Supply of Engineering Manpower
Resident Engineer Contract for Siemens
Provision of Expeditors, Storekeepers and Materials Delivery Support Services
Hire Local Drivers
Provision of IT Helpdesk and Workplace Managed Services
Provision of Liquid Mud Plant Operators
Manpower Services
Provision of Integrated Planning Development System Support Services
Skilled Senior Resources on Call Off Basis
Provision of Quantity Surveying Services
Provision of Supervisors and Engineers Technical Service Project
Provision of Supervisors and Engineers Technical Service Project
Provision of Supervisors and Engineers Technical Service Project
Hire Services of Skilled
Provision of Operators for Water Makers
Hiring of Skilled, Semi-Skilled & Unskilled Manpower
ICS, Allenbradly & Wonderware Maint & Tech Service ESD/F&G System
Provision of Manpower Support for Oil Spill Response Services
Provision of Manpower to Support Living Quarter Expansion Project
Pre-Qualification of HSE Training Providers
Supply of Engineers and Geoscientists
Provision of IT Personnel Support Services
Provision of Services of Skilled IT Personnel
Hiring of Consultant for Preparation, Implementation, Integration of Ims
Provision of Manpower
Provision of Store Keepers & Material Handlers
HR Outsourcing Services
HR Outsourcing Services
Provision of Master Human Resources Services
Technical Personnel and Technical Support Service
Provision of Personnel for The Procurement Department
Manpower Support Services for Turnaround Shutdown
Supply of Ancillary Medical Manpower
Call Off Contract for Manpower Supply
Provision of Personnel for Contracts Group
MAFTA 2017 HSE Officers & Trainers
Provision of Personnel for Contracts Group
Construction of Security Gate at SOC Main Entrance
Supply of Manpower for Procedures Development
Technical Manpower Support Services
Supply of Electrical Manpower
Supply of Skilled Helpers
Gulf Oil and Gas
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