Tenders for Software

Provision of Upgrade of Substation Automation System Project
Dead Line: 4/18/2024 >>  Bahrain
Ref: TP-1128-2023, Announcement Date: 3/7/2024
Tenders and Leads Archive
Re-Design Hosting, Maintenance & Technical Support Services of Websites
Provision of IBM FileNet Support Services
Provision of Centrify Server Suite Enterprise Licenses
Call off Contract for SAP CMMS Services for Various Locations
Provision of log file scanning
Provision of Netapp Systems Renewal with iSAM Services
Provision of Cisco Umbrella Subscription
Renewal of AutoCAD 22 subscription licenses
Provision of Dragos Sensor Subscription License
Data Acquisition, Circuitization, RBI Analysis & Inspection Planning for Refinery Mesaieed
Provision of Palo Alto IR Services for IT and OT renewal
Technical Service for Maximo System and SAP System
Provision of Data Center Information Management
Provision of CrowdStrike Falcon Data Replicator (FDR) Subscription for (3) three years
Dragos Control System Licenses
Subscription to Adobe Software Products
Provision of Trend Micro Support Renewal
Purchase and Renewal of 3200 Licenses for Nitro for the year 2024, 2025 and 2026.
Tenable.EP 2200 Asset Subscription Renewal
Auto CAD License fee
Five (05) Years LTPA for Provision of Two Next Generation Firewalls
Bapco Modernization Programme (BMP) Documentary Project
Internet Protocol Address Management (IPAM)
Provision of VMware Licenses Renewal
Providing Software Service for ESP Production Data Visualization and Analysis
Provision of F5 Web App and API Protection (WAAP)
Provision of Kaspersky Industrial Cybersecurity
Provision of Symantec Proxy Support & Subscription Renewal for (2) Two Years.
Microsoft 365 Cloud Solutions Development & support Services Call out Contract
Expansion Linux Simulation Cluster
Provision of The Purchase and Renewal Service of Licenses
Provision of Secured Virtual Desktop Infrastructure System
Provision of Red Hat Enterprise Linux Licenses Renewal for 3 Years Contract
Provision of Nexthink Endpoint Subscription
Provision of SDWAN Line Services
Renewal of License for Support Services/Upgrades of Endpoint Security for Business Advance
Dcs to APMS Interface in Common Seawater Facility of RLIC
Renewal of ASTM Compass Online Access Subscription
Data Acquisition, RBI Analysis for Equipment, Piping, PSV & Data Migration
Provision of Trend Micro Support Renewal for one (1) year.
Provision of Tenable.sc Subscription and Integration for (1) one year
Operation Technology Cyber Security Upgrade at CSF in Ras Laffan Industrial City
Provision of CrowdStrike Falcon-X Threat Intelligence Services Subscription Renewal for One Year
Provision of AutoCAD License Renewal
SAP IDB Population Services for Various Equipment In MIC
Provision of Mindware Manager for RSA and Forcepoint for (1) One Year
Provision of Site Technical Service and Support for Power System
Provision of Multiphase Well Nodal Analysis Software Service
Supplying Biometric Attendance System Project
Provision of Nexthink License
Self Elevating Workover Platform (SEWOP)
Provision of Oracle Call Off Services
Provision of Enterprise Digitization Managed Services
Provision of Additional Mobile Devices with Additional UEM Licenses and Support
Supply of Packet Broker
Supply of Data Traffic Manager
Integrated Platform System
Provision of DCIM Integrated with Asset Explorer and Its Associated Services
Provision of Cisco Email Security
Provision of IT Software License - 2021
Provision of Multi-Factor Authentication and RSA SecurID Access Implementation
Technical Service for Maximo System and SAP System
Provision of LogRhythm XDR Stack Perpetual
Provision of Symantec Hybrid Subscription and Malware Analysis
Provision of Software Release Management Support Services
Provision of Maximo Phase 2 Call off Services
Provision of Fortinet Subscription and Support Services
Provision of Veritas Licenses Support Services
Design, Supply, Inst, IMPL and M&S of Corporate IAM Solution
Supply & Installation of SSD Enterprise Class Storage
Procurement of Microsoft Licenses
Annual Full Subscription (E-License of VMware & Suse)
Supply of Fortigate Firewalls for OT
Purchase, Install, M&S of Integrated Canteens Payment System
Specialized Services in Film Archive Scanning
Provision of Nexthink License
Provision of CISCO Umbrella Licenses and Support Services
Procurement of Global E&P Market Intelligence License
Decontamination Services for IT Data Center
Renewal of Licenses for Support Services/ Upgrades
Provision of Services for Digitizing Upstream Technical Records
Provision of Oracle Business Applications Development Services – 3Y Agreement
Provision of Laboratory Information Management System ("LIMS") Implementation Services
Supply & Installation of SSD Enterprise Class Storage
Provision of Windows 10 Desktop Modernization with APP Portal
Supply of Microsoft Windows Server OLP License
Provision of Renewal Nuix Licenses Services
Supply of SAP Process Orchestration 7.5
Annual Full Subscription (E-License) & Support Services
Software License Renewal
Renewal of Subscription and Support for Barracuda Email Security Gateway
Provision of Gravity and Magnetic Data Processing Software and Training Services
Provision of TrendMicro Email and Data Center Security Services
Provision of SAP ECC & SRM System Manufacturer Support Renewal
Supply of Renew the Support of Lotus Domino Licenses
Annual Contract for SAP ERP Support Services
Supply of Trend Micro Anti-Virus Software
Procurement of Power System Study Software
Provision and Maintenance of Oracle Software Licenses and Support Services
Replace Blade Server Virtualization Infrastructure with NUTANIX Hyper Converged Infrastructure (HCI)
Supplying of Survey Devices with All Accessories
Supply, Installation and Commissioning of WDXRF
License Renewal and Support Service for McAfee Antivirus
Business Continuity Solution for Critical Applications
Renewal of F5 Software License and Support Services
Provision of Advanced Web Application Firewall and Support Services
Provision of IT Application Services
Purchase IBM Maximo for Oil and Gas Concurrent User License
Firewall for Data Center & Disaster Recovery Center
Qualys Security Platform Subscription
Rate Contract for Design, Development and Deployment
Supply, Implementation and Integration of SAP
Provision of Microsoft Software Licenses and Software Assurance
Provision of Software License Renewal for IT Daily Operations
Business Continuity Solution for Critical Applications
Purchase / Update of Adobe Applications
Software and Hardware Upgrade
Documentation and Rationalization of Alarms
Supply of WAF (Web Application Firewall) Virtual Appliance
Provision of Oracle E-Business Suite Security Assessment
Provision and Maintenance of Maximo Software Licenses
Provision of CO2 Welltracer Non-Intrusive Surveillance Services
Supply of E-Mail Security Solution Renewal - Trend Micro
CISCO Hardware and Software
Consulting, Implementation and Support Service Provision of SAP Ariba Sourcing
Supply of Veritas Net Backup Appliances, Licenses and Maintenance Support
Supplying of Environmental Effect Devices
Provision of SAP Hana Database License & Support
Purchase New License, M&S, Services & Training
Provision of Vmware License Support Renewal
Provision of IT Software License for 2019
Purchase of Intrinsically Safe Certified Android Smartphone
Oracle E-Business Suite Support Agreement
Provision of SAP Application Database Migration
SAP License Annual Maintenance Fee for the year 2019
Bluecoat License Renewal and Manufacture
Digital Analogs Knowledge System - (DAKS)
Purchase of SAP Ariba Strategic Sourcing Suite
Procurement of Syslog Server
Software License Renewal (WhatsUp Gold)
Annual Full Subscription (E-License) & Support Services
Drilling Engineering Software
Supply, Implementation, M&S of SAP Hana Hw & Infrastructure
HMI & Software for PT1 & PT1
Supplying of Devices and Software for Survey Units
Supply of OWL DATA-DIODES for Cyber Security
Platform of E-Learning Modules
Renewal of Secure Socket Layer (SSL) Certificate for SAP
Purchase of Additional Licenses for SAP Application
Renewal of Secure Socket Layer (SSL) Certificate for SAP Enterprise Portal
Configuration and Implementation Services
Purchase of Renewal on SAP License Support Service
Supply and Installation of QlikSense Software
Instrucalc Calculation Sizing Software
Provide Software
Green House Calculation
Up-Gradation and Expansion of Hi-Patch 4000 V-7
Subscription of OmniSTAR HP + Regional G
Purchase of Software Licenses
Purchase of Software Licenses
Software License Upgrade & Purchase of New Licenses
Procurement of Oracle RDBMS Software
Provision of IT System Updates and Upgrades
Annual Full Subscription (E-License) and Support Services
Procurement of Certified Reference Materials
Bluecoat License Renewal and Manufacturer/Local Partner Support
Purchase of Software Licenses
Annual Full Subscription (E-License) & Support Services
Renewal of subscription of Veritas Netbackup Software
Renewal of McAfee Antivirus License
Active Directory User Account Management Software
Software License Renewal
Supply of Oracle User Licenses for LIMS System
Subscription Renewal for Corporate Software Inspector
Supply and Services of Roxar Software
Accredited Team Leader Development Programme
Provision of Support Services for SAP Application
Microsoft Enterprise Services (PADS & ATA)
Software Upgrade Adobe Acrobat Professional-X
E-Learning Solution
Supply and Services of Paradigm Software
Supply of APP Redesign & Content Update
Licensing of Microsoft Enterprise
Microsoft License
Bids for High End Workstation
Data Centre Disaster Recovery Automation Software
Supply of GIS ESRI Software
Provision of Digital Rock Analysis Services
Re-Install Energy Accounting & Auditing System
Services for Modification of Online PMS
Engineering Program
Supply of Media Monitoring & Analysis Services
Implementation of Supplier Prequalification Solution
Maintenance for Kaspersky Software for 2016
Provision of Mobile Application Benefit Services
Vessel Traffic Service (VTS) Software
Vessel Traffic Service (VTS) Software
Supply of Blade Server & Necessary Software
Supply of Blade Server & Necessary Software
Supply of Library Management System
Install SAP Supplier Relationship Management 7.0
Supply of Privileged Accounts Management Solution
Call off Purchase of Oracle Software
Maintenance of Electronic Controls Systems
Provision of Creative Software
SAP Implementation Rollout
Maintenance and Technical Support
Provision of PI-SRIP services
Web Hosting Services
Supply of Data Loss Prevention System
Supply of Two-Factor Authentification Solution
Purchase and M&S of Interactive Petrophysics Software
Purchase, M&S of PVTSIM Software
ECS for New Oil and Gas Ventures
Design of Integrated Security Management System
Enterprise Backup Solution
Contract for Winglue Software Licenses
Purchase of PV Elite Software.
Provision of EQMS Software
Provision & Maintenance of Maximo Software
Purchase of ETAP Electrical System Analysis Software
Plant Maintenance Data Acquisition
Alarm Management System
Installation & Implementation of SAB ERP System
Maintenance, Upgrade and Support of Bentley Software
Supplying of Rockwell Automation Vibration Analysis & Training Program Execution
Call-Off for Purchase, M&S for PVTSIM Software
Network Planning Software Solution
EPIC of Speed Enforcement System
Supply of Software Services
Procurement of Aspen Tech Software
Call-Off Contract for IBM Software
Supplying of WebTutor Software
Supply of Plant Data Capture Solution
Provision of Software Solution
Call-Off Contract for Microsoft Software
Software Updates for Directum System
Project Document Management System
Procurement of Orgplus Enterprise Software
SDS Maintenance and Support Services
Supply and Services of Roxar Software
Software for Network Traffic Analyzer
CostOS Estimating Software and Database
Command Support System Software
Upgrade of DCS Servers Network
OGV Technical Application Systems Provision
Incident Investigation Software
Software provision
HP Hardware and Software Maintenance
E-Mail and File Archive Solution Supply
Sun Hardware and Software Maintenance
Implementation of Primavera Modules
Construction of Corporate Bank of Geological and Oilfield Data
Advanced Log Data Management and Analysis
Gulf Oil and Gas
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